How to Maintain Your Golf Clubs?

Like your cars and boats, golf clubs too, are an asset which needs your attention to make sure of effective usage and long-term sustainability. In fact, golf clubs as compared to any other sporting equipment may cost you considerably more initially.

It will be totally in your hand to make sure that your investment is well cared and protected.

Clubs must be cared and loved for until the standard of the game demands an upgrade. There is really no reason for throwing away your clubs due to poor maintenance or negligence.

There are number of ways you may clean and maintain your golf clubs or grips. It can be either driving range contraptions or even using bucket of soap water.

What will be needed by you in order to clean the golf clubs?

In order to clean the golf clubs, it is recommended that you start by taking an ordinary plastic bucket or even your common kitchen or bathroom sink can also do the necessary job as well.

You will also require getting little lukewarm water, splash of any washing up liquid, old towel, and also an old toothbrush or nylon brush or any brush having plastic bristles in it.

Step 1

Take out a little amount of washing liquid and pour it into bucket or the sink and then fill it with sufficient amount of lukewarm water in order to cover all the heads of the most forgiving golf irons without all the water reaching up over ferrules if possible.

Make sure that you do not run the water that is extra hot because there is a risk of loosening the ferrules that join the shaft with its heads.

Step 2

Now set your bucket down (if possible, outside ideally) and then place your irons as well as wedges along with the clubheads that remain submerged and allow both of them to soak inside the lukewarm water for few minutes for loosening dirt present in the grooves.

You may leave your putter and woods out of water at least for some time now.

Step 3

After soaking for few minutes, now turn by turn take each club and use your old toothbrush, sharp tee peg or nylon brush for cleaning out their own individual grooves.

This will be the vital step while cleaning your clubs because removing debris and dirt from the grooves can help increasing your surface area contact to the golf ball during the impact, this is how all the grooves present can impart a spin so that you get an added amount of control.

Step 4

After the grooves are properly cleaned, run the brush all across the sole of iron and also over the clubhead’s back, to remove any mud, grass and sand.

Step 5

After the entire mud has gone, now use a tap or hose to rinse off your clubhead, checking the elimination of any suds has not revealed more of remaining dirt.

Now use your any old towel for drying off the clubhead properly and also give the shaft quick wipe down so that it does not go back into the bag wet.

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